Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Goodbye 3 Zuhrah.. i love u all my frens..

WE love u RAtno!! ^^

I love this pics!! ^^

frens.. i miss u all..i love the way we chat n do things together.. study together.. sovling probs together..
~~i can trust
u all.. n so do u guys can trust me.. haha..wengz, mj, ks, cloud, q ling n others too..

n i noe.. all of you wont betray me... keep in touch pls... i hop
e this little last summary wil keep us all in memories.. ^^

1. Wengz
man.. we r like cats n dogs.. fight here n there... but as anyo
ne has ever fight... they make up n be good frens again.. we share together n gossip each other
about our life.. about games... i will miss u if ur not in the same class nxt y
ear.. @@

. here's a p
icture of u being serious.. XD

2. MJ
lolz.. sometimes we also fight.. maybe coz im stupid lor... duno take care of frens heart.. haha...
but i noe we work good together.. u can teach me chine
se too.. haha... i hope we will continue as classmates until we fin SPM.. ^^

3. Khei Shuen
Wow.. We share secrets together.. hell man u r good talker.. XD whenever teacher not around i sure sit beside u n we chat chat chat nonsense.. haha... will truly miss u if u werent the same class anymore... T_T wanted to take a picture wif u today but u didn't wan to.. so here goes 1 picture from church..haha.. we took it last sept.. ^^ memories forever... this is a mark tat i will rmb forever even if somebody knocks my head..haha...

nice smile.. XD

4. Cloud
~wow.. ur so understanding.. one day i really needed u and u really helped me... thanks.. thanks for everything... ur so really understanding!! haha.. hope our frenship wont end n last forever!!!
n once again.. thanks!! cloud.. if u read this u should noe.. haha...if u foget i knock yr head to rmb back.. XD hihi.. n becoz of u too, im now really happy of my decision!! ^^

so tats a rap!!! i love u all frens... will truly miss u all!! 3 Zuhrah!!! muax muax my beloved frens!! together we wnt through PMR!! n now.. nth can stop us!!! ^^
YEA they r sweet sweet memories!! ^^

~~ONLy 1~~ Joel.. ^_^