Saturday, December 26, 2009

A perfect Christmas present.. XD

wad a nice present man... thx n praise the Lord.. PMR 7a's.. XD ^^ gonna be crazy... haha..

i was hoping for this...... n truly i got it.. lol... congrats to eun, ql cmj, weng, chuan sin, and also professor kok kit.. haha...

n to our special fren.. freida..... i will also officially say congrats to you.. i noe u result's not really good, but u really din hard work.. so be ha
ppy wit it k? ^^
God bless You..

N to those who truly celebrates Christmas.. Hav a blessed Christmas n a peaceful new year!~!!

year 2010!! im gonna come... n first thing i wan the 5800XM.. haha... this phone has all the features i need n want!!! wohoo.. so i hope to change it soon... XD

currently using n70 damn lag n some stuff cant use n cant support.. @@.. @@

Thursday, December 3, 2009

lolz.. camo back from DYC...

2009 DYC.. had fun with u all!!! jeff! bryan, chels, cat, samantha n others... had fun wit u all... had a live changing experience there.... n its gonna impact my new life.. im gonna change my self first....

HEY GUys...

To tranform, we must be transformed.. haha..

lolz.. pictures will be posted.. but im not sure i can post it now.. coz im too tired n tomorrow im leaving for melaka... my couz's gonna hav wedding.. lolz... then 6th-14th: chels, wilson.. gonna meet u guys there!! haha.... AFC BootCamp!! so tats it for now.. ><